Word Directory: Instant Turn Key Website, Plug and Earn, Total Autopilot!

Code name: Kay

Except when you need to deny family-unfriendly links and refund the payment, there's actually nothing you need to do with this system. Just plug it in, sit back and earn profit!

$49.95, $29.95

Immediate Download!
Super Easy Installation!

Word Directory: Buy a word link PHP script.

Let your visitors shop for links at ease: search, click, buy and feature! Totally automatic and smooth shopping experience!

Word Sales Proof (PayPal): Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2

Meta Features:

  • Easy to configure: centric configuration file with more than 20 site-specific variables
  • Easy to install: installation script included
  • Easy to administer: neat but full-fledged administration panel
  • Easy to customize: built with skin customization in mind
  • Easy to be crawled: inherent with natural SEO-Friendly URLs

PayPal Features:

  • Seamless and secure integration with PayPal
  • Completely automatic transactions - NO manual operations needed in the entire process
  • Easy switch between currency codes New!
  • Easy switch between dollar signs New!
  • International PayPal accounts supported, including PayPal UK (paypal.co.uk), PayPal CA (paypal.ca) and more

Customer Features:

  • Browse words alphabetically
  • Search words / Suggest similar words
  • Buy words
  • Bid for words / Recommend biding for words
  • Automatically activates words upon payment success
  • Automatically approves feature bidding upon payment success
  • Automatically sends email to customer with transaction details
  • Automatically sends email to you with transaction details
  • Very smooth transaction processing, good shopping experience

Promotional Features:

  • Automatically add Google Trends hot words to database everyday New!
  • Google Trends everyday hot words exhibit New!

Administrator Features:

  • Username / password authentication
  • Add, delete and edit links
  • Add, remove and edit feature bidding
  • Add as many custom words as you like New!

Technical Features:

  • High quality PHP + MySQL coding, 3 years of practical experience
  • Consistent and semantic XHTML + CSS coding, elegantly passes so far in IE6, IE7, FF2, FF3, Opera9, Safari3(Win)

Example Client & Testimonial:

David Duff is a UK based web designer who has extensive Internet marketing experience by venturing into a lot of niches, and Word Directory UK is one of them. By the help of ingenious site design, Daivd has successfully turned the directory into a lovely eye-catching app!

You're a star, I'll definitely be recommending your services and program!

David Duff

$49.95, $29.95

Immediate Download!
Super Easy Installation!

Word Directory example client

Contact & Support:

Some of the frequently asked questions in case you haven't familiarized yourself with buyaword.w3ec.com yet.

How is the featuring price calculated?

The featuring price is NOT something you can set, instead, it's automatically calculated each time a buyer tries to feature a bought word.

For the buyer to feature the word, he must pay $1 higher than the lowest bidder of the top N featured words (you can specify N in configs.php), bumping the last featured word out of the featuring list. He can always choose to pay more than needed to get on the list, so that the word is not only featured but at a more favorable position. It goes without saying that the featured words are ordered according to the payment amount for each of them.

Why two buttons, "Add Word!" and "Add!"?

How the buying and featuring works?

No problem. It roughly works this way.

In the /admin backend control panel, The "Add Word!" button is for adding custom words that aren't previously in the dictionary, for example, you can use the button to make up a word "ricolame" and add it to the dictionary ready to be bought - it's not bought, only it exists in the words pool. As the word "ricolame" starts with an R, to view the newly added word, visit: http://www.example.com/letter/R

On the other hand, the "Add!" button is for adding a bought word which works the same way as when someone drops by your site, clicks on a word and buys it. The only difference is that you, as an admin, mark that word as bought instead of someone buys it by following the whole ordering process on the site.

How to feature the word then?

Likewise, there are 2 ways to feature a word:

1. If the word is bought by someone personally - that is, he clicks an available word, enters the ordering details, the script directs him to paypal, he pays, he is redirected back to the site, then he sees the page informing him that the word is successfully purchased and that he can feature the word he just bought for a certain amount of additional money by clicking on the big, blue, outstanding featuring link there. The script will guide him through the payment process to feature the word if he clicks on the link.

2. You feature the bought word at the control panel - just enter a numeric amount as if the buyer pays that much money to feature the word, and hit the "Add" (Not "Add!") button of the word.

Please let me know if this clarifies it.

Rock on! =) ~New Webster Project Team, ichsie@gmail.com, Test Drive